Flowers for Magdalenes

Annual Event

Since 2015, colleagues involved with The Waterford Memories Project have been proud to take part in the annual Flowers for Magdalenes event in Waterford at Ballygunner Cemetery.
Each year in March, Flowers for Magdalenes events will take place around the country in all cities and towns where there were Magdalene Laundries. Justice for Magdalenes Research (JFMR) calls on members of the public to visit Magdalene graves and lay a flower to honour the women who lived and died behind convent walls.
At least 1,663 former Magdalene women are buried in cemeteries in Ireland, many of whom are in unmarked graves.  Flowers for Magdalenes is a family event and children are welcome. 
The girls and women who died while at the Magdalene Laundry in Waterford are interred at Ballygunner Cemetery, Waterford.

Flowers for Magdalenes 2017

Flowers for Magdalenes 2018

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