The Waterford Memories Project is a survivor centred, collaborative project in digital humanities.  The ongoing project captures and examines the oral histories of those who lived and worked within the system of coercive confinement (including Magdalene Laundries and Industrial Schools) located in the South-East of Ireland.

Gathering and analysing oral histories and archival data are essential to documenting our cultural heritage by providing a voice to those held in these institutions and locating these stories within a larger social and historical narrative. The proposed project has the potential to make a significant contribution to understandings of Irish history, and to an international understanding of these institutions.

The project aims to: 


  1. Respond to survivors' wishes about how we should remember and respond to coercive confinement in Ireland.

  2. Collect and generate archival data that comes from 20th century documents and to conduct oral histories.

  3. Make this data freely available to scholars and members of the public.

  4. Assess the material in terms of how it might contribute to a public understanding of how our past affects our current cultural heritage.

  5. Create educational supports ranging from local schools to academic scholars about systems of coercive confinement.