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Interactive Map

About the map

This interactive map has been created as an educational tool in response to survivors' calls for public education about the Magdalene Laundries and Industrial Schools. This map explores the site of the former

  • Magdalene Laundry

  • Industrial School

  • Convent

  • Chapel

This complex is located in Waterford City, and is now the College Street Campus of the Waterford Institute of Technology. 

Click on any of the links below to open a window providing information about this location, and to learn more about the site of a former Laundry and Industrial School to contribute to our understanding of the experiences of the girls and women in these institutions. 


Creating the map

The map you see here comprises 3 original images, which were photographed with a high definition digital SLR Nikon camera using a 70mm lens.  These images were placed onto individual layers and assembled within one host digital composition file:

  1. Image 1 was created by the architectural practice of CJ Falconers & Associates based in Waterford City. The A2 image is an architectural style drawing depicting a siteplan of the campus, hard-lined in ink and rendered with pencil completed in 1996  

  2. Image 2 was also created by CJ Falconers & Sons. It is an A2 architectural drawing depicting a roof plan of the campus but was utilised for traffic management. This drawing was also completed in 1996.  

  3. Image 3 is an A1 presentation style architectural perspective and created by local illustrator and architect Jack Fergusson. The image was part of a collection of drawings used for a presentation of the Good Shepherd Campus. Mr. Fergusson penned and rendered the image in 1994. 

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This project is funded by the Irish Research Council's New Foundations 2019 scheme.

With special thanks to Dr John Organ and Dr Robin Stubbs for their contributions to this work.

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