When Silence Falls: Exploring bodily and literary memory in the Waterford Laundry

Saturday, October 22, 2016 

All images © Waterford Memories Project
with thanks to John Loftus Creative
This event was funded by the Irish Research Council

Featured event artists

Nancy Rochford-Flynn – Interdisciplinary Artist/Community Arts Activist



Nancy Rochford-Flynn is an Interdisciplinary Artist, Community Art Activist and an educator/facilitator who is based in Co. Wexford. Her practice uses ABCD (Arts Based Community Development) to affect positive change in the lives of those who feel marginalised or socially excluded within society and aims to create contemporary work within a social context. Her practice examines gender and identity and the physical and psychological effects of exclusion and oppression. Her research into the oppression suffered by women in Ireland’s Magdalene laundries has developed into her personal practice focusing on the status of women within contemporary society and the realisation of the importance of activism to eliminate inequality. It is informed by women's social history and the study of narratology. Nancy is a supporter of JFM Advocacy group, and has paid homage to women who suffered incarceration in Ireland’s Magdalene Laundries through her work.

Marie Lee - Former Visual Art student at WIT


This art piece is called Mandala.   The work was made to honour the women and children who were confined within the Magdalene and Industrial School institutions in College Street, Waterford.  So as to encompass other areas of the buildings a stop motion animation of the making of the mandala was projected onto the former Industrial School.